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This fun-filled family day will run on Saturday the 11 August 2017 - drawing in vehicles from all corners of the Pilbara for the Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival crowds to enjoy. Vehicles from the normally hidden away beauties to the all-out 4x4 machines mixed in with roaring motor bikes will be on display for everyone's enjoyment.


The Festival organizers will bring car enthusiasts together; to appreciate the local car culture, and give it the respect it deserves. The people and the community are just as important as the cars, and it's this mutual passion for all vehicles will brings the community together for a fantastic day under the blue Pilbara sky to celebrate Grease Gears and Grills.


Grease, Gears & Grills believe that all vehicles deserve respect - It doesn't matter whether it's sports-car, a vintage, a fully loaded4x4, an iconic classic, an old banger with a past, or even a motor-cycle. It doesn't matter if it's Japanese, European, British or American. It doesn't matter if it works best on the road or is more at home in the red dirt and dust out the back of town, and it certainly doesn't matter how much it's worth! All that matters is the love and passion enthusiasts share for their cars and their bikes.


Apart from the obvious viewing pleasure, Grease, Gears & Grills also boasts a day bar fully equipped with low alcohol beers and sodas. Retro leaners are dotted around for you to chew the fat over and feast your eyes over all the jewels this event has managed to uncover. Pilbara Blend will be belting out a couple of acoustic sets over the course of the day. What possibly could make this day any better?!


So what are you waiting for? Get out the cut and polish! Show us your ride!  Be part of Grease Gears and Grills and meet some like-minded enthusiasts and recruit some new ones.

To register your interest please complete the online registration form on the right.

Vehicle entry is $10 payable on the day. One of our friendly committee crew will come by, admire your ride and collect your donation.

Your $10 will be donated to the Black Dog Charity Ride, raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention. Find out more about this great charity here ...

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There will be no formal categories, trophies or judging. It's all about having a great day out.

There will, however, be people's choice votes throughout the day for….

  • Best Motorbike

  • Best Car

  • Under construction

  • Best 'Rewind' vehicle (Vintage/Retro)


Event time is 9am - 5pm.

Street Parade

You also have the option of participating in the Festival parade, which kicks off at 9am on Saturday. Cars must muster at ANZAC park between 8 and 8.30 in order to get into formation to lead the parade. Our Committee crew will be waiting to help you find your spot for the day.


Conditions of Entry

Open to all classes of cars and motorcycles. All vehicles are displayed in the Muzzy's car park under the shelters with plenty of prime positioning to show off your pride and joy. If the event attracts more vehicles than we have space for then surrounding areas will be utilized so we don't have to cap participation in the event.

  • Open to all residents of the Pilbara and surrounding communities and towns.
  • You can enter more than one vehicle - just be sure to fill out a separate registration form on the right.
  • Pre registration must be completed by the Monday 24 July. No late registrations will be accepted.
  • Event packs will be sent out the following week, which will include information, vehicle number and a refreshment voucher to be used on the day.
  • Only vehicles that are entered in Grease Gears and Grills will be allowed to remain in the designated area on event day.
  • Please don't leave valuables in your vehicle. 
  • Vehicles may not be moved before 5pm. At 5pm the GGG committee will ensure that you are able to exit the event safely. Due to the high numbers of people moving between the green and the carnival area through the GGG site vehicles must be guided out to ensure the safety of all festival goers.  


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