HI Junior - Baking -01


Age Group - 0 - K.

  • 3 decorated Arrowroot biscuits

  • 1 Decorated cupcake


Age Group - PP - Y2.  Age Group - Y3 - Y6.

  • 3 decorated cupcakes

  • 3 squares of chocolate brownie cut 6cm x 10cm

  • 3 Chocolate Chip Biscuits


Exhibits must be on a round white paper plate (18cm) and placed in a clear zip lock plastic bag.

Entry ticket must be securely attached to the top.

Decorations can be candy, icing, other baking enhancements or small toys. Decorations will be judged in the Decorated categories not the biscuit or cupcake.

Freshness and evenness of texture and colour plus attractive display are all important to the judges.



Junior HI - Baking - Online Entry Form

Junior HI - Baking - Online Entry Form