Fauna & Floral Arrangement

* Please be respectful and keep wildflowers in their native habitat *

Category 1 – Outback Creation


Category 2 – Woven Creation


Category 3 – Floral Arrangement

Prize Money (per category)

  • Winner $50
  • Runner Up $25
  1. Only fauna from our local area will be judged in the Outback Creation section.
  2. Decorative enhancements, such as ribbon, wrap, artificial bits & pieces are permitted but must not make up any more than 20% of the total arrangement.
  3. Arrangements must be delivered to the exhibition space in a vase or jar with entry ticket attached.
  4. Ensure you name your vase/jar if you want it returned.
  5. Limit one entry per category per person.
  6. Arrangements must be exhibitors own work.

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