Needle & Thread

The aim of the Needle and Thread category is to encourage children’s interest and involve the creative, made-by-hand process.


We would like to create an interest in the next generation about what it means to be creative and design an item by hand.


Age Group – 5 to 8 years & 9 to 12 years


♦  Design and make a handmade or machine sewn Dream Catcher

♦  Peggy Squares Blanket (any size accepted)

♦  Plaited or woven Friendship Bracelet



Prize Money (per age group)

  • Winner $10
  • Runner Up $5



Conditions of Entry:

♦  All exhibits must be made from scratch and not kits.

♦  Combinations of one or both sewing techniques can be used, ie hand and/or  machine sewn.

Junior Needle & Thread Online Entry Form