Craft & Construction

The aim of Crafts & Construction category is to encourage children’s interests and involve their creative thinking and design skills to construct items for themselves or give away.


We would like to create an interest in the next generation around the planning and design process using the creative thinking process.


Age Group – 3 to 4 Years

  1. Play dough creation (made with play dough).
  2. Very Hungry Caterpillar (made from egg cartons).


Age Group – 5 to 8 Years

  1. Lego vehicle – make an old fashioned or futuristic vehicle.
  2. Pet Rock creation.


Age Group – 9 to 12 Years

  1. Message Rocks (be someone’s rock)
  2. Wind Chime – made from recycled or natural resources.


Prize Money (per age group)

  • Winner $10
  • Runner Up $5


Conditions of Entry

  • One entry per category per person.
  • Must be the original work by the entrant.


Junior Craft & Construction Online Entry Form