Wearable Art Awards

We invite designers to create the unimaginable, ignore the conventional, and defy creative expectations as they make works of art that will be brought to life on the Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival stage.


A Wearable Art piece is a centre of its own world, a complete visual drama.  It does not need a script to shine and tell its story.  Visually it breaks costume conventions, giving complete freedom to the Artist/Designer to reveal the imaginings of their inner world in every new and challenging way.


Wearable Art can be sewn, stapled, glued, painted, collaged, riveted, heatset, woven and knitted. They can be made from metals, recycled found objects, silk, rubber, natural fibres, industrial offcuts or whatever substance can be sculptured, coaxed, charmed and if required, bent by the will of the artist.


For the designers, it is an opportunity to express their creativity and to see their creation come to life on stage. For the audience, the Wearable Art Awards is a feast for the eyes, where fashion, art and theatre collide.

Wearable Art Award Categories



Category 1 – Jubilee Jewels

Awarded to the designer who creates a one-of-a-kind garment that will dazzle the judges, ooze elegance, and be the showcase of the festival. Be experimental, radical, unorthodox; a rebellion against the norm. Dare to defy the boundaries of fashion and create a work that is cutting edge.

*Eligible for Supreme Creative Award

Category 2 – Avant Garde

Create a wearable work of art that is revolutionary, extravagant and extrovert, but still stylish and made with skill. Be driven by dreams and fantasies, not by the usual restrictions of fashion. A design that can be work on any catwalk that challenges the idea of what fashion is.

*Eligible for Supreme Creative Award

Category 3 – Sustainability

Awarded to the designer who is concerned about protecting the environment and uses materials that would otherwise be discarded. Demonstrate inventive use of recycled materials in your garment. At least 85% of the garment must be made from recycled materials.

*Eligible for Supreme Creative Award

Category 4 – Rio Reverie

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Design a garment from an old, disused, worn-out, red-dirt stained Rio Tinto uniforms, with a real emphasis on making a fashion statement. The only limited is your imagination, so go ahead and push the limits!

*Eligible for Supreme Creative Award

Category 5 – Youth

Open to artists 18 years and under ~ anything goes with no themes or boundaries. Create a revolutionary work of art on the body.

Prizes will be awarded for Most Creative Garment, Most Glamourous Garment and Most Reduced, Reused, Recycled Garment.

Category 6 – Passion for Purpose

This year the Wearable Art Awards have a space that opens a lens on health. There are three sections with this category that will be displayed in the Home Industry Hub for the entirety of the Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival weekend.

These petite garments will not be modelled on the main stage but will be on show for all to view and make a donation to Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer and Youth Mental Health. Please take the time to view these garments and show your appreciation for the designers Passion for Purpose by donating to causes that have effected people within our Tom Price Community.

  • Bazaar Bras – Be provocative, bold and exciting!
  • Boxers for Balls – Think outside the box for impact!
  • Headwear for Health – Create self-expression to attract attention!

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity, originality of design and the use of multiple elements and techniques.
  • Quality of workmanship and construction.
  • Conceptual meaning and impact.



  • Supreme Creative Award – awarded to the designer with the garment considered by the judges to be the most exceptional overall $1000.00 (eligibility limited to Jubilee Jewels, Avant Garde, Sustainability & Rio Reverie Categories).
  • Category Winners $250.00 | Category Runner Ups $100.00
  • Passion for Purpose Prizes – Winner $100.00 per category, Runner Up $50.00 per category.
  • Youth Category Prizes – Winner Most Creative $100.00 | Winner Most Glamourous $100.00 | Winner Most Reduced, Reused, Recycled Garment $100.00. Runner Up $50.00 per category.

Conditions of Entry

  • All entrants must organise a model to walk the catwalk on judging day and at the Wearable Arts Awards on Festival Friday 9th August. One model per category.
  • One garment per category will be chosen to be worn by a From Creative Dust Creative Arts Dancer – please enquire early for this option.
  • Entries must be original and exhibitors own work.
  • Limit – one entry per category per person.
  • All entries must be submitted online www.namelessfestival.com.au no later then 30th June 2019.



Will take place Sunday 4th August 2019 at Clem Thompson Sports Pavillion.

All designers & models must be dressed and ready for the following times:

  • 1:00pm Youth
  • 2:00pm Rio Reverie
  • 2:30pm Sustainability
  • 3:00pm Avant Garde
  • 3:30pm Jubilee Jewels
  • 4:00pm Passion for Purpose


  • Following judging all exhibits must remain displayed on mannequins in the pavillion until the Wearable Art Awards on Festival Friday, and thereafter on display at the Home Industry Hub on Saturday. All garments are to be collect no later then 12noon on Sunday 11th August.


Wearable Art Awards

Friday 7th August, Nameless Jarndunmunha Festival Stage, 6:30pm.

  • All models must be dressed and ready to walk the catwalk on stage at least 30 minutes prior to the event.
  • The pavillion is available for dressing and preparations of the models.
  • The modelling of garments at the Wearable Art Awards forms part of the judging criteria and contributes towards the final results.
  • The prizegiving will occur on stage at the conclusion of the show.

Wearable Art Awards – Online Entry Form