The Great Oz / Kiwi Bake Off

Which Side Of The Ditch Will Win The bragging Rites?

NZ and Australia fight over Cricket, Rugby, Singers, Actors, and Food is very contentious too!

History is littered with to-ing and fro-ing over who could lay claim to our favourite foods, with home kitchens on both sides of the ditch churning out similar treats for decades.

Whether your ancestry ties lie across the ditch, or here on the land of the red dirt, or even somewhere further afar, will you be able to lay claim to baking the winning treat?

Category 1 – Pavlova (of course!)

Category 2 – Lamington

Category 3 – ANZAC Biscuits

Category 4 – Pie

Category 5 – Scones

Category 6 – Lolly Cake

Prize Money (per category)

Open Section

  • Winner $50
  • Runner Up $25

Conditions Of Entry

  • Exhibits will be judged on freshness, fineness and evenness of the texture and colour, and attractiveness of the entry.
  • All baking and icings must be made from scratch and not from store bought cake mixes.
  • All Baking must be exhibitors own work.
  • All exhibits to be exhibited on sturdy disposable plates.
  • Once delivered, the exhibit becomes the property of Nameless Festival and will be disposed of, at the conclusion of the competition if competitor has not collected in a timely manner, for Health & Safety reasons.
  • Limit one entry per category per person.

Entries are now closed for 2021