Festival Committee 2019

Allison Hanshaw

Vice President; Publicity/Media and Website Coordinator; The TP Factor:

Peter Foster

Jessice Petchell

Kelly Fitzgerald

Event Coordinator:
Ally Sumich

Sponsorship & Grants Coordinator:
Lauren Knapp

Utilities Coordinator:

Event Set-Up & Fireworks Coordinator

Stalls Coordinator:
Jen Ryle

Grease, Gears & Grills Coordinator:
Shane Ryle

Street Parade Coordinator:
Simone Pes

Home Industry & Wearable Arts Fashion Awards
Jazz Rolton

Dog Show Coordinator; Fundraising Coordinator
Tamara Russell

Ball Coordinator:
Natussha Clasohm

Bar Coordinator:
Melissa Bradley

Volunteer Coordinator:
Letitia Scott

General Committee
Lian Murphy

General Committee

Joanna Dalton

General Committee
Kylie Sirr

General Committee

Helen Pickering

If you would like to join the committee or help out in any small or large way, go to the Get Involved page.